Well, let me be the first to tell you that…

You can achieve all of these things by simply telling us his full name.
We will take care of it…
In just a few hours we will ask him to send you one of his few invitations he has included in his Membership.

Let me rephrase that..

Not only because we have the best 2 Different Mexican Beach Destinations,
but also because over 40,000 Active Members can´t be wrong!
On top of that, Solaris Service is one of our Highlights and Pampering is our last name…


First of all, from the very beginning your Express Check in will be directly at our Premier Lounge

Once you get there, ask for your VIP TICKETS for the VIP EVENTS such as the Gala Dinner or the Carnival Party.

Relax yourself and put on your rope and slippers… why not?  Call Room Service, it´s included too!

You will get access to the Only Members allowed Premier Bar, in which you will be able to enjoy wine tastings and tequila tastings besides others.

Why drinking regular drinks if you can get the Premium ones, right?

You will be able to enjoy the Ocean View Member´s Breakfast.

I would gladly recommend you to book your dinner reservations at our Specialty Restaurants in advance as Members do.

Once you get to the Restaurant a la Carte, ask for the VIP MENU instead of the regular one.

Nothing better to show you our paradise than the Member´s Snorkeling house tour…Marvel at the highlights of Paradise both above and below the water alongside our expert guide. Swim, snorkel or power snorkel alongside inspiring landmarks that are home to large, brilliantly colored tropical fish and sea life.

And here’s THE BEST PART!

You will get the same rate as our Member Too

No matter if you are going to los Cabos or Cancun. Both Mexico Beach Destinations have great resorts and once you choose where to go, you will receive 100% Vip Service

And guess what?

If you are interested in getting more activities in order to get known from the places, You will be able to apply the Member discounted rates for your reservation and use the Member´s day discounts for tours and activities.

So what are you waiting for?

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Latasha Michelle Kennedy

I didn’t´ realize what did they mean by telling me I would have a VIP SERVICE. Thank you so much Ana for your awesome service. I want to become Member and visit you year by year!

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Up to $500 USD in Traveling Savings


So LET’S RECAP:If you book Today, you will get:

One-on-one support from your Solaris Consultant.

Round Ground Transportation (6 nights or more)

Express Check at Premier Lounge.

Access to the VIP EVENTS.

Room Service.

Premier Bar and VIP Menus in Specialty Restauarnts.

Ocean View Member´s Breakfast.

Member Amenities. Member´s Snorkeling house tour.

Get the 10%, 15% or 20%

Members early booking bonuses

Sounds like a good plan for you? Doesn’t it?

What are you waiting for?

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Hold your Booking for Only $199

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