Cancun XensesHave you visited Xenses Park in Cancun? No? Well, Write it down then on your ToDo list for your next Cancun vacations.

Xenses Park in Cancun was created by Xcaret experiences exclusively to take us through a journey where we will re-discover ourselves and the way we perceive the world, believe me after crossed through the seventeen scenarios, I felt entirely different. I Paid attention to details that overlooked in the way to the Park, and besides it helped me to enjoy more of my Cancun vacations since y senses were more open to It. was an incredible experience that I strongly suggest, and definitively I would repeat.

I won’t spoil you the experience because you must live it. But I will give you some advice and highlights, so you enjoy to the maximum this experience.

When Visiting Xenses Park Do not forget to:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • If possible don’t take values with you if so, use the saves the park offers you.
  • Don’t forget you Towel, swimsuit, and sandals.
  • A change of clothes will be useful because you will soak.
  • Bring a waterproof camera.
  • Seconds before the Bird Flight scan your wristband so you can get pictures of your flight!



At first, I hesitate a little, but Once I walked in, just let myself go and concentrate in what I was touching.

Here you need to forget your sight for a while, enhance your concentration and try to identify what are your hands are feeling, what are you hearing… Your perception is critical during this scenario, you will integrate yourself with the interior of the earth, seems dark over there….but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and what a light! This is a one-lifetime experience.

Xensatorium Park in Cancun
Xensatorium Park in Cancun

EL Pueblo

I don’t remember seeing a hill when I arrived at the Park, so where did this come from so suddenly?. Listen to your body, is your equilibrium working fine right? I hope so. Get ready to challenge your sense of perception while strolling and visiting the houses in the street of this town, Please, Do not eat just right before entering “El Pueblo” or you can fill queasy as I did.

El Pueblo at Xenses Park in Cancun
El Pueblo at Xenses Park in Cancun


In my childhood, I loved to jump over the puddles despite the scoldings of my parents. And now, I’m in front of a river of mud and ask me If I want to go in? Count me in!. Immerse yourself in this mud river, get all the benefits of the mud in your whole body, relax and enjoy this revitalizing experience which will give a new definition of the largest organ of your body.

Sludgerie at Xenses in cancun
Sludgerie at Xenses in cancun

These are three of the seventeen activities you can enjoy, I could keep writing and trying to describe this amazing experience. I invite you to discover the other fifteen activities to awaken your creative side, break the rules, synchronize your intuition, open your eyes and sharpen your ears… Are you ready?


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