Allow your vacation agent to explain to you the Gratitude Reward Program Solaris YOUR WAY! during your stay or through the variety of resources the program has to offer, and within just a few months, you will be able to pay off your Club Solaris Membership!

When you get to know the plans of Solaris YOUR WAY!, you can immediately take action inviting your friends, so you can star earning from ONE to 7 FREE ALL INCUSIVE NIGHTS. 

The Vacation Plan is an exclusive experience, your referrals can have access to, by paying the All Inclusive preferred rates for members, keeping the members access bracelet and all the benefits.

Under this Plan, if you Referrals decide to become part of our Club Solaris Family, you will be rewarded with ONE FREE ALL INCLUSIVE WEEK FOR TWO ADULTS, as a nice way to thank you.

YOUR REFERRALS RECEIVE: The right to pay the Members All Inclusive Preferred Rates to enjoy all the benefits wearing the exclusive Members Referral Bracelet (yellow).

THE MEMBER RECEIVES: Once the Referral book his Vacations with us, you will get ONE FREE ALL INCLUSIVE NIGHT for two adults for every QUALIFIED Referral and ONE FREE ALL INCLUSIVE WEEK, if their Referrals become new members (regular membership).

* Terms and Conditions may apply
*For more details contact your personal agent.