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We have detected fraudulent companies contacting our Members trying to buy, sell or CANCELL their membership, do not provide them with any money or information. Please be aware these companies may disappear and appear with other brand names in a matter of days. The most recent companies detected are:

  • Black Diamond
  • NBC (Network Brokerage Corporation) [NBC Real State]
  • Blue Light Management

And also we have detected calls from one Arizona phone number

If you receive a phone call or an email trying to sell,buy or cancell your membership please let us know.
FROM USA/CAN: 1 855 444 6765
WORLDWIDE: +52 (998) 800 1352
MEXICO: (800) 727 5737

Please note we always stay in direct communication with our Members. We always use emails from our home domains Club Solaris and/or Club Solaris Resorts. Please note we do not use any other domains such as Hotmail, Gmail Yahoo AOL nor Outlook.

Club Solaris - All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun and Los Cabos

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Club Solaris

Solaris today is a corporation with over 40,000 active members; it has three hotels in Cancún:
Club Solaris Cancun (Royal Solaris Cancun)
Club Solaris GR Caribe (GR Caribe by Solaris)
Club GR Solaris (GR Solaris Cancun)
, and one more in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur:
Club Solaris Cabos (Royal Solaris Los Cabos).

Club Solaris has managers and staff members with many years of experience that is based on continuous research and preparation, and who are open to the creation of products that bring out people’s finest emotions.

The company's executives are constantly reminded to reflect upon its mission, purpose and cause through presentations, motivational and constructive meetings, training and courses. The team is made up of people who are truly willing to giving it all they’ve got.


Donde se localizan los Hoteles Solaris
Royal Solaris Los Cabos Resort
Club Solaris Cabos
Royal Solaris Cancun Resort
Club Solaris Cancun
GR Solaris Cancun Resort
Club GR Solaris
GR Caribe by Solaris
Club Solaris GR Caribe

Why the Solaris name?

Solaris is the name of a star; in ancient times, when sailors were lost in the immensity of the sea, and would be guided by the shiniest star in the sky, the Polar Star, or Polaris, which would lead them to their destination. It is a metaphor; Solaris believe that the path for humanity is the quest for happiness, and its destiny will be to transcend though its good deeds.

Our Philosophy

Club Solaris believes in the "kiss the frog" philosophy, that age-old story where a perfect being was under an evil spell that had turned him into a toad; only a true love’s kiss could turn him back into the longed-for prince. This way of acting and thinking is applied permanently, not only by making the customers feel special, but also to the employees: the success of Club Solaris is the success of its people.

We share the Mission:

To develop a holiday club capable of creating a personal relationship and a close and long-lasting emotional connection with the members, allowing them to create a "new and unique holiday experience". In Solaris, day-by-day they focus on loving and making our members happy.