We have learned that some people outside of Club Solaris, who claim to belong to companies, fake law firms, even a “totally false entity in the name of Solaris”, are contacting Vacation Club owners to defraud them.

They offer in exchange for an advance payment, the following services:

  • They offer to buy your membership/timeshare, with an extreme value.
  • They offer the sale or rent of your membership/timeshare at a very high price.
  • Promote suing the vacation club for various reasons
  • They offer up to 40% discounts for prompt payment, posing as the Vacation Club Member Service department.

They require payment of taxes of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) or Tax Administration Service (SAT), of Federal Goverment, derived from the purchase of their membership.

All this is completely false.

If someone related to any situation mentioned above, contact you, call us as soon as possible at the following numbers:

From USA: (855) 805-2777
Rest of the World: +52 (998) 800 1352/+52 (998) 800 1351
From Mexico: (800) 727-5737
Email: [email protected]

Remember that Club Solaris communicates and collects
only through emails from the following domains:;;

In case you receive an offer, we suggest you consult it with a lawyer or with us directly.
Under no circumstances do we recommend that you make any payment.

Club Solaris